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3 affordable ways to personalize your wedding

Image from Unsplash copyright free: If you’re planning your wedding, you’ll probably want to make it as unique and personal is a as possible. This will mean you have a more fabulous day, and one that is distinctive and feels more special to guests. Of course, you may already[…]

Chic Wedding Decor Ideas For The Minimalist Couple

By Alice Prendergast Description: Planning on embracing the minimalist wedding style? Here are a few decor ideas to help you out. If you and your S.O. prefer to keep things sweet and simple when it comes to style, the minimalist wedding decor trend may be perfect for you. Instead of[…]

Real wedding moments – Weddings in Cyprus – Vasilias Nikoklis wedding venue

This beautiful wedding of Ailish and Craig took place at Vasilias Nikoklis Inn our private and exclusive wedding venue in Cyprus. This romantic story was captured by the talented team of Christodoulou Photography Our beautiful wedding venue in Cyprus Vasilias Nikoklis Inn is offered for every couple looking to celebrate[…]

How Get the Most Out of Your Honeymoon

    Your wedding in day in Cyprus has come and gone and you’re proud to say, you’ve truly had the best day of your life.  Now, cue the relaxation.  A honeymoon is the time to let go of the stress wedding planning can cause and embrace the start of[…]

From Mine to Mine

So you’ve picked out the  most perfect engagement ring, but have you ever wondered about the deep rooted history behind one of the most precious gemstones in the world? What goes into crafting regular rocks to sparkling jewels and why they’re made so desirable. Well this guide provides all the[…]

5 ways to personalise wedding invitations for that special touch

Don’t just pop those ready made wedding invitations in envelopes and ship them out. Take some time to personalise them and add that truly special touch your guests will enjoy and you can look back on fondly. But if you’re worried about not being an artist or feel you don’t[…]